Bulancak is doing his designs as main principles like Measurable, Traceable and Manageable projects by using most modern and qualified materials, 40 years experience and now-how.

One of the main goals in our designs is minimizing energy consumption. Construction cost is a cost that investors paying only ones but Energy is a cost that they should pay forever. That's why energy efficiency is one the most important parameter in irrigation projects.

We are choosing the most suitable pump according to the quality, quantity and depth of the water source. If the water source is a borehole, we are calculating such pump with a discharge which is minimizing the depth of cone of depression. By this way we are extending the effective life of the borehole, keeping  the percentage of suspended solids in certain level in irrigation water and degreasing the energy consumption. We never take any risk on quality of the filtration and pumping systems. Moreover we are choosing the pumps according to their efficiency graphics and we are using frequency converters and automation systems to obtain maximum efficient working conditions.

We are calculating all frictional losses on the mainlines and optimising all the pipe diameters. Dividing the irrigation into several operations and split the plots which will work together. By this way we are optimising the construction costs with minimum energy losses. Optimum construction cost and minimum energy consumption.

Plants water requirements are differs by years and also by the growing periods. We are calculating the exact requirements and preparing the irrigation programs without using excessive water or vies versa. If necessary, we are placing micro meteorology stations on certain points in the land which is representing the farm and getting adequate data's. These data's used by operators and scheduling the irrigation program and/or used by automation system and controlling the pumps and the valves which is irrigating the land automatically. This is also another point which is minimizing the energy and water consumption. The cost of automation will be turn back in few years itself.

As soon as we can, we prefer to use such irrigation machineries which has low connection pressure.  One of the other targets while designing; to keep water distribution constant, minimising drift with wind and water spraying out of our land. To prevent water run-offs on the field surface, we are taking consider the soil physical properties especially infiltration rate and we are targeting to chose such precipitation intensity under the infiltration rate.

If the project is a Drip Irrigation Project; one of the main approaches is using PC (pressure compensated) driplines. Applying narrow root zone principle by targeting only a rectangular wet prism among the plant row. Minimizing the wet area on the surface. Decreasing evaporation, gravitational loses and weeds. In some cases Subsurface Drip Irrigation projects can be also applicable.

The aim is to targeting; maximum precipitation distribution uniformity, minimum wind effect and minimum pressure requirement at sprinkler irrigation projects. If necessary our engineers can offers shifting sprinkler systems to decrease the construction investment cost.

We are calculating the optimum irrigation radius according to the land slope, shape of farm, soil properties and plant needs in the Irrigation projects with Canter Pivot and Linear machines. We are targeting maximum land coverage by minimizing runoff, minimizing drift by wind (right hanging height and droplet sizes on the sprayers) and minimizing connection pressure of the machines(choosing exact nozzle sizes and order among the machine). We are connecting all machines and boreholes with a ring system and create a secure systems against any technical problems. Every borehole can serve water to any machine.

Both 40years experience and latest computers and software's used by Bulancak engineers to give best services to our clients. If they prefer, clients can only ask project design from us. We are signing a pre-contract with the client and we start preparing an offer for design. If we agree on the design cost with client we sign a contract for design. End of design process the client will obtain:

  1. A technical drawing which shows the layout of the irrigation project
  2. A detailed irrigation program according to the years and/or growing periods.
  3. A detailed material list for constructing the project.
  4. Detailed specifications for the materials in the list.

After project design process. Client can go on with us or he can take the above detailed project and search for a contractor. Or even he can try to do it himself.